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From a single tile shop in Adelaide to the biggest retailer of tiles in the country, Bob says a lot of his tile company’s success came from taking the opportunities that were presented, even if they were risky.

“My father and I had always been keen on the idea of grabbing an opportunity when it presented itself. In the early days, we were offered the Victorian outlets of a failing tiling business, which we decided to go ahead and buy,” he said.

“It was very risky because it was losing a lot of money. However, we gradually built on it until finally, we became the biggest in Victoria. That then enabled us to leap frog into QLD and other parts of the country.”

Life is all about taking that cheeky gamble…

Bob has never been afraid to take a chance.

“Someone who used to work with me very closely used to say, Bob, you bite off more than you can chew and then you chew like buggery.”

“That’s exactly what we used to do, but it’s how we got to where we are today.”

The road to success wasn’t without its challenges, with the recession of the 1990s one of the most trying times.

“It was really tough, and we came pretty close to the edge, as did many other businesses at the time.”

From the depths of despair, to a business with serious flair

Bob said it was from this low point that he set the biggest target of his job at Beaumont Tiles.

“I set a goal that by the year 2000 we would be turning over 100 million dollars.”

“A lot of people thought I was a fool, but we did it. I think it’s very important to set really big goals and go for them like crazy.

“I think that was probably the biggest challenge we faced but out of that was one of the biggest victories.”

The tiles they are a-changin’…

Over his half-century long career in the tile industry, Bob has experienced a great deal of change. This includes a paradigm shift in the tiling trade prompting the beginning of the DIY market boom.

“We were the drivers of switching the whole industry over to adhesives from the traditional ‘mud mix’, which is what they all called it,” he said.

“This meant that DIYers could do tiling quite easily themselves and this certainly drove the renovation market.”

Bob says tiles themselves have also transformed dramatically over the decades.

“Looking at the product itself, it’s not only changed in look but in composition. Most of the tiles these days are porcelain, which are far less porous than the old tiles.” he said.

“However, the greatest change is in the evolution of digital glazing, where you can take almost any surface – timber, stone, slate or concrete – and duplicate it on the surface of a tile. This gives you an extremely durable, easy to clean surface which looks the same as timber, for example.”

Bedheads & Ceilings and Coasters, Oh my!

The way homeowners are using tiles has also changed remarkably.

“I built my first home in 1974 and I put tiles throughout much of the living area. People said I was absolutely crazy because nobody did that.”

“We were making a statement that we believed in the product and we saw a big change over the following 20 years in how people used tiles.”

To carry on his business success, Bob will continue to live by his motto: “You can’t just dream big, you’ve got to dream huge.”