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Two out of the five rules have a big focus on nature – the teams must 'bring the outside in with texture and tone' and 'give nature's treasures pride of place'.

Many designers would lean towards timber to deliver against this brief but tiles can play a big role here too and even act as a substitute for natural wood.

Stone tiles would be an obvious choice but there are a number of other options within the Beaumont Tiles that deliver a warm, textured and organic look and feel.

Here are some products from our range that are perfect for a beautiful, stylish and a little bit unique approach to bringing the outside in to your home.


Buxy evokes the gentle pattern of Burgundy limestone. It is the ideal range for creating restful, harmonious settings, thanks to its depth of pattern and a warm matt finish.

This range of tiles features a hexagonal cement design in five colours. By combining different colours you can create visual movement in a bathroom, kitchen or even outside areas.


This timber look tile looks so much like the real thing you could be convinced to try carving your name into it. Take off your shoes and walk on it yourself – its rough, worn design seems so real. Mirage creates a remarkable illusion, which activates the senses while minimising the maintenance.


Havena is soft, serene and familiar; blending with home where affections are centred. Its three colours are designed to connect to your lifestyle. Havena inserts have a subtle tonal stripe overlaying an intricate leafy flourish.


The perfect hybrid of concrete and stone, Axis has a beautiful industrial appeal that will be sure to captivate your attention.

Oversize peonies and ears of wheat, reminiscent of Yabane traditional Japanese patterns, characterise this collection. These polished glazed porcelain tiles feature the same pattern as the garments designed by prestigious fashion designer Juan Vidal.

Furnishings and accessories in whites, creams and pastel tones can act as a great complement to natural look materials. This styling positions natural materials as the hero within your home and allows the natural tones and textures to act as the aesthetic focal point. Let us know if you have any questions about natural look tiles in comments below and we'll share our advice and tips.

We’re excited to see what the House Rules teams deliver this week. It's the last chance for the teams to score points, which means everything is on the line.