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Throughout the initial challenge stage, the bathrooms and the ensuite rounds of The Block Triple Threat feature tiles have been a clear trend. The judges have highlighted some great how-tos and how-not-tos along the way.

We've collated some of the ideas and feedback in this post and wrapped it all up to give you some pointers on how to use feature tiles in a bathroom or ensuite renovation.

The Blockheads have deployed a wide range of tiles across the eight (and a half) rooms that are covered by the main bathrooms and ensuite rounds. Hexagons have had their moments (both big and small), as have subway tiles and brick tiles, mosaics and bluestone sawn floor tiles.

We've seen feature walls, feature floors and one in one case an all-wall-feature.

That decision by Ayden and Jess to use what would normally be considered a feature tile throughout their bathroom and neighbouring water closet has been one of the most talked about moments of the show so far.

Shaynna thought the tiles were amazing, but felt that the effect could be overwhelming.

We say hard hats off to Ayden and Jess for taking a gamble and going with a big idea that may yet pay off at auction time.

Ayden and Jess took a different path with their ensuite ideas by shifting the feature to the floor using a large hexagon tile called Esagono. They combined three different colours this time using an asymmetric tile layout and in doing so created a "new aesthetic" never before seen on The Block, according to the judges.

We really like their thinking here and predict that this will be a big hit with potential buyers.

Darren and Deanne turned in a "relaxed" ensuite using Devonshire Gris Gloss tiles in their shower to create a subway style effect that extended floor to ceiling and covered the much discussed in-shower love seat.

Sticking with ensuites, the judges were thrilled with Josh and Charlotte’s "stunning" effort.

The Sydney-siders have opted for block colours and simplicity in their wet rooms but in the case of the ensuite Bluestone Sawn tiles were used in a very clever way. The tile was used as flooring but then extended up the wall to create the shower recess. The end result was a simple and free flowing space with great continuity.

It may not be a traditional "feature tile", but their decision to create a feature wall at the far end of the room matching the floor tile helped them to a win.

Back to the main bathrooms, Darren and Deanne used a feature tile to create an impactful shower recess. This approach established clear zones throughout their bathroom layout, which was described by the judges as glamorous and contemporary"

Black tiles can be challenging but the styling here was smart and the sparkling reflective effect of the Mosaic Glass Candy tile provided the finishing touch to a luxurious space.

Tim and Anastasia also used a feature tile in their bathroom shower recess with Carrara Bianco Diamond Mosaic. The judges said that they had delivered a return to form and clear individuality but it wasn’t quite enough as the double Ds took the win by the slimmest margin.

The Block is a great source of ideas. There’s so much that we can take from their successes, and also the not so successful. Here our key take-outs when it comes to feature tiles in bathrooms are:

  1. Use feature tiles to make a statement or in a more functional sense highlight a specific area of a bathroom.
  2. Don’t forget feature floors! Your statement can be horizontal, in which case a clean and simple wall tile is the perfect complement.
  3. Feature tiles comes in different shapes and sizes – try ideas with different shapes, textures and sizes.
  4. Watch out for feature creep. Feature tiles are just one potential hero to have in your bathroom. Don't overdo it by adding a feature bath, feature fittings, feature lighting and so on as they’ll cancel each other out.
  5. Be wary of using a complex tile in a small bathroom – it could be too overwhelming or busy for an enclosed area.

What did you love? What would you add to our list?

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