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Choosing the perfect tiles is important, but so is choosing the right tiler to lay them. Here are some tips to help you find the right person for your tiling job.

Ask Your Tiler Questions

Your home design or bathroom renovation may require specific skills. When you first contact a tiler ask them what areas they specialise in and enquire about their previous jobs. They may be able to let you view a completed project in person. They may even be able to help you contact their previous clients. This is helpful to gain insight into the quality and style of their work.

Get a Written Quote

A quote from your tiler should set out in writing the work to be completed and the exact costs per task. To avoid miscommunications and unforeseen issues, ensure that the quote is very detailed. It needs to include everything the tiler will do, with itemized pricing. And it needs to include the date the job should be completed by.

Standards and Requirements

Professional tiling not only requires a level of skill and experience, they must also have a Builders license. Make sure that you cite the tiler’s qualifications, ensuring that their license is current and valid.

The tilers listed on this website have generally demonstrated an excellent record of service, skill and customer satisfaction. Please take note however, that Beaumont Tiles do not employ them and we can’t guarantee their work.

We always recommend that you seek references from previous customers of any tiler you’re considering or inspect a project that’s in progress.

Work Closely with Your Chosen Tiler

Once you've found a tiler, ensure that you and your tiler are on the same page. They need to know exactly how you want your tiled area to look. Give clear instructions on how you want the tile laid and what your end vision is.

It’s very important to ensure that your tiler is dry laying the tiles before installing them. No matter the size of the tiles, or the area being tiled, this is essential. This provides the opportunity to see what the final result will be, and if any adjustments need to be made. This also gives the tiler the chance to ensure that all the tiles are perfect, with no chips or unforeseen size, thickness or colour variations before installing them.

Search for a Tiler

Click on the button below to find tilers near you or get in touch with your nearest tile store for a recommendation.