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Slab tiles are not any more difficult to install than regular tiles. They just require very specific handling techniques and recommended adhesives due to their size. However, using a tiler who specialises in slab tiles can be the surest way to guarantee a job well done. Our tiles stores have lists of tilers they can recommend to you if you're looking to have slab tiles professionally installed.

Beaumont's Large Format Tiles: Cerim Video

Slab tiles are not like normal ceramic or porcelain tiles due to their size, and require very specific handling and installation techniques. Please see this guide on how to tile a floor with normal tiles.

Slab tiles are not like normal ceramic or porcelain tiles due to their size, and require very specific handling techniques as specified in this guide. In addition, Beaumont Tiles has sought advice from our adhesive suppliers on the specific adhesives to be used when laying these products and from our equipment supplies on appropriate tiling tools available to move, carry and cut slab tiles. Installation instructions are detailed in this guide.

The high mechanical strength make them perfect for decorative feature walls, a streamlined look for floors, a timeless facade, and even a porcelain veneer for furniture.

Slab tiles are seamless for cladding bathrooms and kitchen counter tops or islands - helping you unlock new possibilities in kitchen designs.

They also save time in renovation projects with the ability to tile over existing floors.

Logistics & Handling Slab Tiles

Slab tiles can only be delivered to site on pallets and unloaded by forklift. When having slab tiles delivered, please ensure that your on-site logistics and space can accommodate deliveries.

Because of their large size, it is not practical (or safe!) for one person to handle slab tiles on their own. We recommend at least two strong people working together handle these products.

When moving slab tiles, care must be taken with the edges. Keep vibrations to a minimum and rest on a soft substrate to protect against chipping.

Tools for Laying Slab Tiles

We recommend using specialist tools for moving, cutting and laying slab tiles. Download the full how to lay slab tile guide for more information.

Many of these tools may be available for hire from your local Beaumont Tiles store.

Adhesives & Levelling for Laying Slab Tiles

Adhesives are an important part of the job. We recommend the Ardex and CTA adhesives specially developed for laying slab tiles. You may also need to apply a levelling compound to ensure that your floor is true and level before tiling.

When applying adhesives, use a minimum 4mm notched trowel of adhesive "buttering" on the back of the slab tile and 8mm notched trowel on the substrate for wall and floor tiling. Notch adhesive to the substrate as well as "back-buttering" the slab tiles.

Ensure that the direction the adhesive is spread on the wall or floor is the same direction as on the back of the slab tiles.

Tap on each slab right after they have been glued and laid. Ensure every area of the tile is tapped out.

Beaumont Tiles and The Beaumont Studio will not be held liable for any claims where the instructions in this guide have not strictly been followed and where the Australian Standards have not been complied with.

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