The Block 2020 - Sarah & George

The Block 2020

NSW Couple

Sarah & George

For experienced renovators and loved-up couple Sarah and George, being on The Block is a dream come true.

_“We’ve said it a million times, but this kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like us. It’s mad, bro,”_George, an electrician of 13 years, said.

Sarah, a high school teacher who hopes the experience will lead her in career direction more geared toward her eye for design and creative ideas, and her husband of three years have renovated two homes – one of which was a complete remodel, and have taken a year off to recover.

“Never in a million years did we think we’d do it to ourselves again – but hey, we’ve surprised ourselves,” Sarah said.


Week 12: Backyard

Sarah & George took out the win once again this week scoring a perfect 30/30!

Pool Tile: Artisan Oxford Gullwing
Stone: Warm Ash Tumbled Bullnose Travertine

Sarah and George began Backyard and Pool Week with two Room Reveal wins to their name. Once again, Block legend and our great mate, Dave Franklin was guiding the backyard project and it most definitely didn't disappoint. 

It was the pool that really took the judges' breaths away.

"Oh my Lord! That is such a beautiful shot. It's a magazine cover," Darren said.

"It certainly is a magazine cover. It's beyond beautiful, and it really is an oasis," Neale said.

The pool tiles were a pleasant surprise for Shaynna.

"I love the fact that we've got tiles in here that we don't usually expect. You look and this and you think, 'No, I wouldn't put that in a pool.' But how great does it look?"

Sarah and George's final Room Reveal judging ended with Shaynna and Darren dancing as they left the backyard and pool.

Week 11: Studio Bathroom

Sarah & George took out the win once again this week scoring a 29.5/30!

Floor & Wall Tile: Marmette Antracite
Feature Wall Tile: Mod Fingers White Mosaic

"I love it!" Shaynna shouted.

Shaynna suggested the studio and garage was Sarah and George's best Room Reveal so far. "This is a crescendo. Their design acumen, their planning, functionality."

Studio Kitchenette

Splashback Tile: Mod Fingers White Mosaic


"Helloooo," Darren said bringing the other judges' attention to the stunning yet compact kitchen.

"Beautifully done," Neale said.


Sarah & George shared their beautiful reveal photos and video on Instagram

Week 10: Front Yard

Sarah & George took out the win this week with a score of 29/30!

Featured stone: Travertine Warm Ash Tumbled 30mm, 12mm French Pattern, Tumbled Bullnose 30mm

Sarah and George had Block legend and our great mate, Dave Franklin guiding their front garden and façade renovation. It's no surprise that Shaynna, Neale and Darren were impressed from the moment they stepped foot into the garden.

"But it's such a beautiful focal point when you walk in and you've got travertine concrete, travertine brick, grass tree and then all of that beautiful weatherboard," Darren added. The mix of paving leading up to the front door is also a 1940s-type feature, as well as creating a simple vibe for the elegant space.

Week 9: Powder Room

Wall Tile: Agrestic White Satin
Floor Tile: Sicily Stone Light Grey

Neale said the room was "beautiful", while Shaynna thought it was "sweet".

Shaynna loved the sense of escapism the powder room evoked.

"I've got to say, for me, this is faultless."

Laundry & Powder Room Score: 25/30

Week 9: Laundry

Floor Tile: Sicily Stone Light Grey

"I think having a mudroom where you can hang your coats, you can put your shoes on — this is brilliant," Darren said.

Too beautiful not to share! Sarah & George were so proud of their rooms this week and shared some beautiful images on Instagram 

Week 8: Upstairs Powder Room

Sarah & George took out the win this week scoring 28.5/30 for their upstairs which included a powder room!

Floor Tile: Sicily Stone Light Grey

Sarah & George were commended by the judges for their smart layout of their entire upstairs area with Shaynna commenting "This whole level works — two bedrooms, a study, a huge bathroom and a separate powder room".

Take a sneak peek into the entire upstairs of Sarah & George's house

Week 5: Guest Bathroom

Floor Tile: Sicily Stone Light Grey
Wall Tile: Vast White Satin
Shower Wall Tile: Trio Terrazzo White Mosaic
Feature Wall Tile: Ales Nero

"Those tiles," said Darren.

"Stunning," replied Neale.

"They are quilted. I have to touch them," said Shaynna, who then reached out to feel.

Darren added, "We have four different tiles in here and it doesn't feel like we've got this hodgepodge of choices and crazy, mixed bag of materiality."

Sarah & George shared their tile choices in-store at Beaumonts!

Week 4: Master Ensuite

Floor Tile: Sicily Stone Light Grey
Shower Wall Tile: Spatial White Satin
Feature Wall Tile: Union Mauve Satin
Feature Wall Tile: Mono Square White Gloss

"These tiles are so beautiful. It's so much more subtle in here. It's really soft. The palette of that grey and the white, with these beautiful stone-look tiles on the floor, it's really impactful but it's also really calming." - Darren

"I feel like they've broken the tile rule here and nailed it," Shaynna said. "It blends beautifully. That's what I love about design when you are confident, is 'know the rules and break them" she added.

"It has a calming presence and beautiful selections, and the way it combines together is beautiful," Shaynna agreed.

"I'd be proud if I owned this home. I'd be proud if I created this bathroom," Darren said as he inspected the room.

Room Score: 28.5/30

Take a peek into more images of Sarah & George's Master Ensuite!

Week 2: Guest Ensuite

Floor Tile: Sicily Stone Light Grey
Wall Tile: Devonshire White Matt
Feature Wall Tile: Union Pink Satin

The first word out of the judges' mouths when they walked through Sarah and George's Guest Ensuite was simple: "Wow."

"The 1940s have never looked so glamorous," Neale Whitaker said.

"This luxury in here is off the charts. Luxury and space, look and feel," added Shaynna Blaze. The pink tiles are a wonderful hint to the 1940s, Shaynna noted, and is just enough of a nod towards their era to keep the heritage charm alive.

Room Score: 27/30


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