Slabs - A BIG Business Opportunity
Our spectacular slabs in our café at our Norwood studio in South Australia. Even the café benchtop is made from a slab!


Slabs- A BIG Business Opportunity

Slabs are HOT and trending! Installing our slabs requires specialist training that we provide to our Trade Club members for free! Jump in and take advantage of the training and soon you’ll be a star tiler at the forefront of this growing trend!


We Can Provide Registered Tilers with Slab Training

We’re here to help you understand this unique product, our huge range, and teach you all the ins and outs of working with our stunning slabs.

Our slab range is one of the best in Australia. Slabs are 800mm x 1600mm or bigger, up to 1000mm x 3000 mm and call for experts to install them.

You may be asked to use slabs for anything from an external building facade to a family area, a bathroom, even a dining tabletop, the opportunities are limitless and with the skills and know-how for installing slabs, you'll set yourself apart from your competition. 

We’ve worked with the best from around the world and know the ins and outs of working with slabs. Level up your skills with our free slab training from the best in the business, simply call your local Beaumont store and we’ll arrange it for you. 

Our Hot Tip: Get qualified now with Beaumonts! It’s simple just call your local store and they'll arrange it for you. 

Trade club members at their slab installation training.

How To Lay Slabs

Need a refresher from your slab training session? Our video tutorial will help remind you about what you learnt in your dedicated slab training.

Our Hot Tip: If you have any questions about handling or installing slabs speak to your local store.

Trade club members at their slab installation training.

Tools For Laying Slabs

We recommend using specialist tools for handling, moving, cutting and laying slabs. Download the Slabs installation and handling guide for more information and contact your store for sourcing specialist slab tools. 

Adhesives & Levelling For Laying Slabs

Adhesives are an important part of the job. We recommend the Ardex and CTA adhesives specially developed for laying slabs. You may also need to apply a levelling compound to ensure that your floor is true and level before tiling.

When applying adhesives, use a minimum 4mm notched trowel of adhesive "buttering" on the back of the slab tile and an 8mm notched trowel on the substrate for wall and floor tiling. 

Ensure that the direction the adhesive is spread on the wall or floor is the same direction as on the back of the slabs.

Tap on each slab right after they have been glued and laid, ensuring every area of the slab is tapped out.

Our Hot Tip: Download our Slabs installation and handling guide containing hot tips and details on the tools you’ll need to set yourself up.

Please note: Beaumont Tiles and The Beaumont Studio will not be held liable for any claims where the instructions in this guide have not strictly been followed and where the Australian Standards have not been complied with.