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Selling Houses Australia 2022

Jindabyne NSW

Homeowner Steve lived in a small former school house for more than 25 years before he decided to leave Jindabyne for good to live closer to his family. After 12 months on the market though, there were no firm offers, and sculptor Steve's real estate agent was worried that the look and feel of the place was scaring off potential buyers.

The Selling Homes Australia team Wendy Moore & Dennis Scott, led by real estate expert Andrew Winter, renovated the property to boost its appeal. But, would that be enough for a successful sale? 


Selling Houses Australia

When bachelor Steve made the decision to sell his workshop and home to move eight hours away, he had no idea just how hard it would be. With sheds full of timber, metal and sculptures, plus a very unusual colour-scheme, the house was not a hit with people wanting to move to the area.

But, when Andrew Winter, Wendy Moore and Dennis Scott saw the very unique place, which was an enchanting historic old school house with a very blokey decor, they knew exactly what they had to do. The team transformed the place into a family-friendly cosy getaway - which wasn't an easy job with decades of sculptures and timber to move.

Kitchen - Before

Let's Renovate! 

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Kitchen - After

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Successful Sale! 

After Wendy Moore and Dennis Scott renovated the inside and out, the home finally sold for exactly the amount Steve needed - $1.3million and he has moved on with his life.

"I’m now living in my new place near Dubbo, and life's good and very different now. It’s a farm house set on 40 acres and it’s great for me. The new place is very different to the old one but it's my dream home. It’s huge. I reckon I could ride two motorbikes side by side down the hall!"

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