The Fundamentals To Effortless Interior Styling

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The Fundamentals to Effortless Interior Styling

Essential tips and tricks are the basis for creating a beautiful home.


Whether it’s a kitchen splashback, an entrance portico or a stunning bathroom back wall, a backdrop as the design focus frees you up to play with your décor as the seasons change or every few years.

Beaumont Tiles Communications & Design Specialist, Christie Wood, said a fundamental rule of design is to create a dominating feature: a colour, a massive chandelier or pendant light, a painting, a piece of furniture or rug, or a display area.

“With a first impression you want to make an instant impact. A backdrop that carries visual weight is not only a scene stealer, it sets the scene for building your design story.” Christie said.

“Great design brings personality, flair and character to a space. An impressive backdrop using a patterned tile, texture or a geometric tile is a fabulous accent option for those who can’t decide on a dominating focal point.”

Tips and Tricks to create a backdrop that sings

  • Repeat a pattern. It’s a design trick that can encapsulate a colour, texture or a shape. For example, create a backdrop using hexagonal tiles. Repeat the pattern throughout the room in printed cushions, a rug, a lamp base or a vase.
  • Mix up your materials. Texture profoundly changes a room’s ambience and a brilliant plan B for people who don’t want to invest in strong colours. Mix bricks, tiles and stone and continue different mixed surfaces across the room. Laid back luxury!
  • Think BIG! Scale and proportion in itself creates impact. A massive floral arrangement or oversized pendant light draws the eye. A large scale, floor to ceiling backdrop, will leave visitors gasping. Contrast with a bright coloured chair.
  • Light it up. Just like art galleries light up precious portraits, do the same with your impressive backdrop to create shadow play, depth and drama.
  • For novices. Start with a splashback, or a wall that’s not always in full view. “By allocating one small space for your play area means you can update it every few years without the expense of a total redo.” Christie said.

Understated beauty for beginners

An impressive backdrop can support other design elements. Even low key backdrops provide a beautiful design effect. Low contrast neutral colours are unleashed by using a repeating geometric pattern.

  • Packs a punch. Creating pattern with contrasting hues can be the most impacting backdrop. You will need to make sure it is not overwhelming by supporting it with subdued elements.
  • Oh to be bold! Choose a patterned tile that you absolutely love, and create the rest of your space around that. Go all out with a pattern from the Majorca or Flourish tile ranges!