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Deb & Andy



Welcome, design enthusiasts, to the extraordinary renovation journey of Deb and Andy, also known as the DNA of Design!

Join us as we dive into their stunning project in Mudgeeraba, Queensland, where they're transforming an 80's Gold Coast home into a breathtaking coastal contemporary retreat. With practical renovation knowledge and a budget-friendly approach, this dynamic duo will captivate you with their impeccable style and the outstanding range of Beaumont Tiles products they've incorporated into their design. Get ready to be inspired!

DNA of Design


Deb & Andy's DNA of Design: Coastal Contemporary Bliss with Beaumont Tiles!

House 1 is now complete, marking the end of a remarkable, demanding, and gratifying expedition. Witness how Deb & Andy have meticulously converted an 80s Gold Coast hinterland residence into a stunning coastal contemporary haven, complete with a lavish outdoor pool.

Leveraging Deb's expertise in interior design and Andy's practical renovation know-how, we embarked on a substantial overhaul to materialise homeowner Suzie's visionary dream.

From its previous state of sombreness and gloom, the house has been reborn, radiating luminosity and cheer, providing the family with an entirely fresh environment to forge enduring memories in the years ahead.

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Join us now as we recap what went down in House 1 room-by-room.


  Episode 1   KITCHEN + LAUNDRY
  Episode 2   LOUNGE + DINING
  Episode 3   BEDROOMS
  Episode 4   RUMPUS + OFFICE
  Episode 5   OUTDOORS


Kitchen + Laundry

Join us for an exhilarating episode and be prepared to witness the jaw-dropping transformation of this kitchen, as Deb & Andy unveil the spacious elegance, captivating natural light, and texture-filled wonders. Don't miss out on this captivating renovation journey! Grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to be inspired. Tune in and join us for a remarkable episode that will leave you craving more!

From Airy Delight to Bright Magic!

The kitchen set the stage for an epic renovation journey! Andy & Deb were absolutely smitten with the spacious expanse that effortlessly flowed from the living room to the dining area and kitchen, giving them an airy and open vibe that was pure magic. And oh boy, did they bring in some serious natural light with a colossal window, illuminating the space like a sunbeam superstar! 

Why did you choose the Atmosphere White Satin for your laundry/butler’s pantry? What do you love most about the tile?

"One of the main goals for House 1 was to take it from dark and dreary to light and bright. While we incorporated plenty of bright white tones into the home to brighten things up, it was important to maintain some depth to bring a sense of character to the space. The handmade feel of the Atmosphere White Satin Tiles created the perfect amount of depth for the butler’s pantry and laundry, giving us the natural, authentic, and grounded look that we love. This tile also helped to significantly lighten both spaces, especially the butler’s pantry which had no windows and therefore no natural light." - DEB & ANDY

Wall Tile: Atmosphere White Satin Structured

Floor Tile: Maximo Beige Matt

The products featured were available at the time of airing. Our beautiful range changes from time to time, so please check with our friendly sales teams first.


Lounge + Dining

Get ready to be swept away on a coastal adventure as we present to you the second episode of DNA of Design's House 1. Immerse yourself in the vision of our dreamy lounge and dining area, where the allure of Hamptons and A-frames harmoniously blend with the warmth of a family home. Watch in awe as we unveil a brand new roofline, drenched in gorgeous bright-white tones that will transport you to seaside serenity.

Coastal Dreams: A Journey of Texture, Flow, and White Charms!

Imagine this: Picture yourself strolling through the sunny beaches of the Coastal Hamptons, where A-frame houses stand tall like happy vacation havens.

Now, let's step into a dreamy family home filled with layers of excitement and texture. Deb & Andy decided to turn this vision into reality by giving the lounge and dining area a magical makeover. Say goodbye to the old, boring roofline and say hello to a brand-new one that's as stunning as a summer sunset. They drenched the space in vibrant, bright-white tones that will make you want to break out into a spontaneous dance.

And to complete the picture-perfect scene, DNA of design handpicked the most complementary furniture, art, and décor that could rival even the most fabulous beachside boutique.

But they didn't stop there! Oh no, they wanted this place to feel like a free-flowing oasis, so Deb & Andy bid farewell to a dull brick wall and replaced it with pillars that create a jaw-dropping feature wall with charming arches.

These curvy wonders brought a sense of enchanting flow to the entire area, and they even added some practical shelving for good measure. Now, who's ready to dive into this paradise of coastal-cool?

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Don't miss this episode featuring the incredible four-bedroom renovation project in House 1!

Step inside and witness the amazing transformation as DNA of Design tackle the challenges of turning a rabbit warren-like home into a stunning and functional living space.

Deb and Andy were met with a four-bedroom renovation for House 1. The home felt a bit like a rabbit warren with too many entryways between the bedrooms and other spaces, so they closed some of them off. This let them create more comfortable bedrooms, with furniture able to be placed anywhere in each room. For the kids, they made sure that their bedrooms felt unique to their personal styles, whilst remaining cohesive with the aesthetics of the rest of the home. The master bedroom had already been renovated recently, so it just needed a facelift inside with some new furniture, art, and décor pieces to freshen up the space.


Rumpus + Office

Ready to explore the captivating transformation? Dive into the latest episode featuring Deb and Andy's incredible renovation journey in House 1! Witness the remarkable changes as they turn a maze-like space into a harmonious haven. Get inspired by their ingenious solutions for creating comfortable bedrooms and personalised kids' spaces. 

From Maze to Marvel: Deb and Andy's Ingenious Rumpus Room and Office Metamorphosis

Deb and Andy made space for two remarkable rumpus rooms, offering the family a TV room/media room and a dedicated space for the kids. To maximize the spaciousness of the rumpus room, they removed an entire wall and added transparent panelling to the doors. The media room, though small, was carefully designed by Deb and Andy to avoid any feelings of crowding. They opted for white and neutral tones, along with simple cabinetry and a single sofa. As for the study, it underwent a marvellous transformation to become Greg's dream man cave, where he could indulge in his love for music with his collection of ten guitars prominently displayed on the wall. Deb and Andy's attention to detail truly brought these spaces to life, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Rumpus + Office

Get ready to be swept away by the beauty of indoor-outdoor living in the latest episode! Join us as we explore the breathtaking transformation of the lounge and dining space, seamlessly blending the sunny Gold Coast lifestyle with classic elegance. 

Sun, Splash, and Style: Deb & Andy's Epic Gold Coast Oasis Transformation

Get ready to join Deb & Andy on their sun-soaked adventure in this fun-filled episode! Together, they're opening up the lounge and dining space, unlocking the key to the perfect indoor-outdoor living experience that perfectly matches the vibrant Gold Coast lifestyle.

But hold onto your pool noodles, because that's not all! Deb & Andy are taking the 16-meter swimming pool, already a splashtastic delight, and giving it a fabulous transformation with Beaumonts Mod White Mosaic Matt pool tiles that will transport you straight to a luxury resort with a Hamptons-style twist. Get your sunglasses and pool floats ready as Deb & Andy bring the excitement, laughter, and poolside fun right to you.

What drew you to use Rock Salt Smoke for the outdoors?

"Short answer: because it’s simply stunning! I just couldn’t go past its gorgeous natural quality and chromatic variations. We used it in the outdoor area which ended up being quite large, which meant that we needed something striking that would catch the eye. 

It also had to complement the design of the rest of the pieces used in the outdoor areas, and Rock Salt Smoke did exactly that. I was instantly drawn to the raw, earthy, and organic look and feel. What’s more, it’s slip resistant, making it perfect for outdoor environments!" - DEB & ANDY

Outdoor Tile: RockSalt Smoke Structured Textured 20mm Paver

Pool Tile: Mod White Mosaic Matt

Recall your experience with Beaumont Tiles. Why did you choose Beaumont for your tile selections?

"Beaumont Tiles make the tile selection process easy and accessible. I found myself visiting their website so often that I knew it by heart! After doing plenty of research on their site looking for the perfect tiles for House 1, I was able to order samples. This allowed us to get a better feel of how they would look in the home with the rest of the styling. This meant that all my design ideas were much easier to lock-in once seeing the tiles in real life. 

I’ve used Beaumont Tiles now for six recent projects – I choose them time and time again for their accessibility, versatility, and unparalleled quality for both indoor and outdoor settings. With all the hustle and bustle of any renovation, it’s reassuring to know we can rely on their speedy order and delivery process, and the fact that the end results turn out amazing every single time."