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Plan your layout carefully

Yes, it can take a little more thought and care to plan than a bigger bathroom, but the plus side is that it can be more straightforward and easier to make decisions too.

One key to remember with a small bathroom is that it’s not all about fitting in your bathroom ware. Creating a space you’re comfortable in and can move about is even more important. Think just as carefully about the space you leave and use as well as the space you fill.

Learn more about planning your bathroom layout

Decide where you want to make an impact

A small bathroom can still have a big wow-factor if you choose one feature carefully.

Whether it’s a full feature tile wall, a more subtle decoration in a strategic spot or even an intricate feature floor, the right feature draws the eye exactly where you want it.

Here’s a little secret – your feature doesn’t even have to be tiles! The right freestanding bath, vanity or mirror can make a striking feature too.

One real advantage of small bathrooms is that because you don’t need as many tiles or as much bathroom ware as a bigger bathroom, you can afford to splurge on the items that will make the most difference. Or you can save your pennies and create an amazing bathroom on a budget

Focus on a single style

Because you don’t have to think about as much as in a bigger, more complicated bathroom, a small bathroom is actually a great opportunity to really focus on a single style or aesthetic.

Fewer elements means great focus, and a better chance of creating a space that is in total harmony.

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Small details matter in small bathrooms

The devil is always in the details. Here are a few more things to think about when thinking about a more compact bathroom design:

  • Lighting and mirrors. The way you light your small bathroom (especially if you can tap into natural light) and strategically place your bathroom mirrors can make your space feel roomier and more open.
  • Be sneaky with your storage. There’s more than one way to get a little extra storage into your small bathroom. Beyond your vanity and mirror, there’s plenty of ways to use your space.
  • Work with what you’ve got, not against it. Maybe your small bathroom is long and thin – sticking with that shape for your tile and bathroom fitting choices (like pencil or subway tiles and a long, narrow vanity and long mirror) can go a long way.
  • Consider larger format tiles – or even slab tiles. The larger your tiles, the less grout lines you’ll see, which means that there’s less to interrupt the flow of your space.

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