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1. True Style is Timeless

Trends may come and go, but a truly luxurious, beautiful bathroom embraces a timeless style that never dates.

Having a clear vision and following through is key.

Think about the look you want to achieve and stick with it. Luxe interior design is all about fashion and there are magazines, experts and technology to make choices easier.

We’re one of the few tile retailers to employ in-house designers and buyers who scour international trade shows to keep up with the latest from the world’s best designers.

If you’re still deciding on a style, why not experiment with our tile visualiser software - as seen on The Block. It lets you mix-and-match colours in virtual rooms before taking the plunge.

2. Have a Theme

Be single-minded about your theme and have an element like a key colour or texture that runs through all elements.

Attention to detail is one of the things that can make or break a luxury bathroom, so be sure that each of your choices supports your theme and doesn’t detract from your style.

This means matching wall, floor and ceiling coverings or colours and making sure your fittings like taps, towel racks and shower heads match.

3. Comfort Is King

Bathrooms needs to be comfortable as well as beautiful. If you’re transforming an existing room or building a new one, consider under tile heating as a cost-effective and luxurious alternative to a heating lamp.

A kit for a bathroom can start around $500 and gives gorgeous, thermostat-controlled warmth that’s kid-safe and easily controlled via a timer.

Although using under-tile heating in the bathroom seems an obvious choice, think creatively. Reality TV stars Kyal & Kara from The Block opted to use underfloor heating across their whole apartment, including the guest bedroom.

When it comes to luxury, nothing is as important as comfort and ease of use. Even the most beautiful bathroom in the world should be carefully planned to make sure the bathroom layout is perfectly suited to the people who will use it.

4. Don’t Cut Corners

You don’t need to spend a fortune on realising your luxury bathroom ideas, but think carefully about your investment before going for what looks like a bargain when you buy tiles or bathroom-ware. You’re making decisions that will be with you for a very long time – or at least should be.

If a bathroom fitting or tile isn’t backed by a solid guarantee it probably won’t last the distance.

5. Use Surfaces to Define Your Luxury Bathroom

Why not define your shower surrounds, the space in front of the vanity or around the toilet by using different surfaces that divide your luxury bathroom?

The Ancient Romans gave us plenty to be grateful for, but top of the list must be the use of shapes and mosaic tiles as features in almost every area of their homes.

Whether applied as strips, edging, panels or mats, mosaic or shaped tiles work beautifully in bathrooms to divide larger tiles or plain surfaces and come in all shapes, colours, sizes and textures.

Be inspired for your luxury bathroom with our bathroom ideas gallery.

Creating a luxurious bathroom in any style is even easier with the range of complete bathroom packages carefully crafted by our designers.