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Find Your Bathroom Style

The first step is almost always the most fun: deciding on your vision or style for your new bathroom!

Everyone has their own ways of finding inspiration – from vision boards to glossy magazines to popular renovation shows like The Block or even taking sneaky peaks at display homes (or friends’ bathrooms!).

Finding your style is a very personal process and it’s not one that should be rushed. But to make it easy for you to get started we’ve designed an online quiz called What’s My Style to point you in the right direction with personalised style and product advice.

For more bathroom inspiration, be sure to check our gallery of bathroom ideas.

Plan Your Bathroom Layout

We all want a beautiful bathroom, but you need your new bathroom to be functional, comfortable and enjoyable to use. . This is where planning out the layout of your bathroom is important.

Some key questions to think about when designing the layout of your bathroom are:

  • Who uses your bathroom?
  • How do they use it?
  • How big is your bathroom? A small bathroom usually means planning a little more carefully to make the most of your space.
  • Where are things like doors, windows and existing plumbing?

Choose Your Tiles and Bathroomware

Now you have a clear vision for an exciting new bathroom, you get to move from the big picture down to the little details that will really make it come to life.

Tiles are the perfect place to start. As the main covering for your floor and walls, your bathroom tiles play an important role in bringing out the style of your space and create the foundation for your bathroomware, accessories and decorative elements.

A bathroom isn’t a bathroom without a bath – or at least a shower – and the bathroomware you choose is just as important to style as it is to function. From you bath, shower or vanity down to the taps, towel rails and shower trays, every accessory you choose is an opportunity to express yourself.

Complete Bathroom Packages

Choosing the tiles and fittings for your bathroom can be as easy as you want with the range of complete bathroom renovation packages available at Beaumont Tiles.

Especially crafted by our designer to suit a range of different styles and tastes, our bathroom packages take all the work out of deciding what goes with what. Best of all, packages start as low as just $4,000 and include everything your bathroom needs.

Plan Your New Bathroom Renovation

Once you have a clear vision for your new bathroom and you’ve chosen all the amazing tiles and bathroom accessories to make it a reality you just need to work out how you’ll get it done.

The biggest choice to make is whether you let professionals take care of it for you, or you roll up your sleeves for a little DIY tiling.

Leaving it to professional builders, plumbers or tilers to do the heavy lifting (some of which will be literal heavy lifting – so check your guns) has some clear and obvious benefits. You can be confident that experienced, licenced professionals know exactly what they’re doing and the quality of the finish will reflect that.

The downside though, is that this option is usually more expensive than doing it yourself. So if you’re creating a bathroom on a budget – or you have some DIY experience under your belt already – getting your hands dirty can be an attractive option.

Creating the perfect new bathroom is an exciting and rewarding process, any way you choose to go about it. With lots of choices to make along the way, the expert bathroom and tile specialists and designers at Beaumont Tiles are here to make it easy.