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  1. Artisan Tiles

Feature tiles have been popular in bathrooms for quite some time. Painted concrete style tiles bring the feature under your feet and make a bold statement with their patterning.

This style has been used twice this year by the teams on House Rules, and each time the judges have been blown away by the impact this type of tiles can have in a bathroom.

Ben and Danielle's bathroom in the holiday house renovation nailed this look. Their blue Artisan Oslo tile was the hero of the room and added a splash of colour that complemented the white timber walls and hit the house rules perfectly.

And who could forget the classic bathroom transformed by Cassie and Matt in Queensland? The Artisan Oxford tile gave a timeless black-and-white feature floor that wrapped up and around the built-in bath. The simplicity of the tile gave the room a modern look with a classic feel.

Nailing this look is all about making the floor the hero piece. Bringing the tile up the wall or the side of the bath brings an extra dimension. Pairing it with simple wall tiles is the key to making the floor stand out.

  1. Bathroom Artwork

This is one that we've seen a lot this season on House Rules. It's a simple idea that can have a big impact on the feel of a bathroom.

Bronik and Corinne's transformation of Steve and Tiana's bathroom saw large, bold tiles of black and white become a supporting piece to a large red and white artwork. The art added mood and sophistication and tied together the house rule of black, white and red.

Art has the power to transform the feel of a room. The modern artwork featuring a zebra that Ben and Danielle used in Ryan and Marlee's bathroom inserted a pop of colour into a room featuring different shades of grey tiles and brought a contemporary feel to a moody bathroom.

A large, bold piece of art is a great way to add an element of elegance and sophistication to a bathroom. Make it a feature piece that stands out against simple tiling to bring your bathroom to life.

  1. 3D Tiles

Layering different textures is a great way to add sophistication to a room. Three dimensional tiles can be a great way to achieve this. Bolder shapes can be used to liven-up a plain wall without distracting from the hero pieces in the room.

The tiles used by Steve and Tiana in Bronik and Corinne's bathroom brought texture to a large wall and deferred to their mosaic feature strip in the shower to create impact.

The same tile, Charmy White Structured - pictured above, was used in Steve and Tiana's water closet. The textured effect is great for adding a layer of design without overwhelming or crowding a small space.

  1. Matt Black Fittings0

Turning the classic chrome tapware look on its head, matt black finishes on bathroom fittings like these mixers are becoming increasingly popular. The effect can be used as hero pieces in a bathroom, a contrast to stark white bathrooms to add a classic feel, or as a way to break up large blocks of colour.

Ryan and Marlee's transformation in Ben and Danielle's home featured a bold lime-green tiled feature wall with patterned black and white floor tiles. By featuring black fittings, including a black showerhead, the styling broke up the bright green on the wall and tied in the patterned floor.

The format of House Rules ensures that every episode is jam packed with a diverse set of styles and ideas. We've seen the teams use tiles in imaginative and creative ways and use some simple techniques with huge impact.

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