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She is Australia’s rapid renovation expert and recognised internationally for beautiful, healthy and wealthy designs. In fact there’s nothing Naomi loves more than helping people maximize the sale value of their property. Naomi is the wiz behind the What’s My Style 2 Minute Quiz.


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Say hello to our star studded line-up of Australia’s most popular stylists and renovators! You’ve seen their amazing work on smash TV shows like The Block, Renovation Rumble and The Living Room. They’re here to help you achieve a rock star reno!


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Quick top tips to renovate any bathroom on a budget

  1. Start by collating the essential information, and get your quotes: measure up your bathroom and design a floor plan, then find the tradies you’ll need; like tilers, carpenters, and plumbers etc.
  1. Speak to the experts: If you’re in need of direction right from the get go, Beaumonts offers free online design consultations. Our designers have years of experience guiding people through their renovation projects, they are easy to book online via
  1. What’s your style: You’ve got your basic plan down but you’ve spent hours flipping through mags, surfing the net and can’t decide? This is where Beaumonts What’s My Style comes in. Discover your personal style with our 2 Minute What’s My Style online quiz. You’ll go from “I’m just not sure” to “I’m raring to go” in no time. It’s like having an exclusive stylist to help you nail your current style with complete confidence, no matter your budget.
  1. Choose your tiles and elements for your budget: Achieving a luxury look on a budget is so much more achievable than ever before. The latest tile technology allows creations that look like real timber, stone and marble without the price tag.

Beaumonts make putting it all together super easy by packaging up complete bathrooms according to what style you are.

Start by collating the essential information, and set your plan.

Whether you seek help from an architect or you’re happy to sketch something up yourself, consider the inner workings of your household in the floor plan right alongside simple functionality.

If you want to stick to a budget, keeping existing plumbing where it is will be your best option. Relocating your sink, bath and shower have the potential to chew up your entire bathroom budget before you’ve even begun.

Speak to the Experts

After your floor plan is done, then comes research, and getting the all-important quotes.

When your tradies come to quote, here’s your chance to ask any burning technical questions about your big scary unknowns: How much do I save if I do the demolition myself? If I move my shower, can the plumbing be changed easily? Does the floor need any special preparation? Or even: what's behind this wall? You will then have a clear enough picture to allocate costs; for carpenter, plumber, tiler, tiles, glues/grouts etc

What’s Your Style

Once these practicalities are taken care of, the fun begins. You might be excited and perhaps a little nervous. How do you create a bathroom that is uniquely you? The Beaumont Tiles ‘What’s My Style’ quiz is like having your own personal stylist to get your project off the drawing board and into your home, no matter what your budget.

Choose your tiles and elements for your budget

Now is the time to be strategic with your choices to create that ‘no expense spared’ feeling minus the associated price tag. Highlighting a single focal point in your bathroom to feature your style takes the pressure off the budget, as you put your money into a small area. This might be the splashback tiles and a floating vanity, a coloured vessel basin, or mosaic on a shelf wall.

If your heart is set on a full feature wall, the savvy choice is coloured wall tiles in a modern subway shape, choose a contrasting grout then lay them in your choice of pattern; basket weave, herringbone, or maybe brick-bond.

The same principle applies to fixtures. While it’s harder to use them sparingly, they’re still a very economical and inexpensive way to uplift your bathroom ideas without a considerable price tag, so it’s worth investing in the bathroom fittings you love to help achieve your overall style goals.

Working out the cost of your materials is relatively easy and straightforward. Our consultants are always more than happy to help calculate how many tiles your bathroom needs. Our free Online Design and Project Consultations, make it super easy to answer your tile and bathroomware questions and help you create the bathroom you have envisioned.

Package up and save

One of the most common ways to blow out your budget is choosing everything separately. It also makes keeping track of your overall budget harder, and you end up spending far more than you intended or in a worst-case scenario, you run out of money mid-renovation and are forced to stop altogether.

While the idea of simply buying a new bathroom might seem an expensive option, it’s certainly not the case. Beaumont Tiles’ bathroom packages start from as little as $4,000, and you can choose from your own style, including classic traditional, coastal, contemporary, country chic, eclectic bohemian and global fusion.

The best part is Beaumont’s have done the hard work for you – simply choose the package that suits the style you had in mind, and off you go!

Armed with your shopping list and budget, you can now choose with confidence. We wish you all the best turning your bathroom ideas into reality. We’re here to answer your questions and help make this happen, call us on 1 800 4 TILES. Our friendly, expert staff are always keen to talk about your project and offer style, DIY, and product advice either online or at your local store.