Why Choose Tiles

The Tile Advantage

Ceramic tiles are one of the most practical building materials ever made. They have proven their durability and flexibility over thousands of years.

Floors tiled in ancient Rome are still in use today. The Romans were prolific users of ceramics to tile walls, floors and to create magnificent decorative effects in their palaces and public areas.

However, today there are so many tiles for so many purposes that it is important that you choose the right ones for your project. We can use tiles today in every area of our homes. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundries are no longer the sole area of attention. Bedrooms, patios, balconies, swimming pools, garages, and passage ways all benefit from being tiled rather than using alternative coverings.


Ceramic tiles should become an integral part of your home. Careful selection will enhance and protect your home and add to its capital value. Consider your tiling as a long term investment, even though it is an economical exercise.


Unfortunately there are a lot of people who do not care what sort of tiles you buy, as long as they sell them to you. At Beaumont Tiles you will find that we would rather lose the sale than sell you the wrong tiles. We figure that our reputation is to important to risk, and aside from that we believe in our obligation to each and every one of our clients.

Always make sure that the tiles you have selected are suitable for the area. Check the wear rating. Check that your tiles are suitable for a wet area if some resistance to slip is necessary.


Consider the value of a guaranteed quality product. At Beaumont Tiles all our first grade tiles are guaranteed for 10 years.


Tilers should know their trade and nearly all of them do. They may not, however, be up with the latest technical developments so if what your tiler tells you contradicts what a tiler merchant tells you, don't automatically believe one or the other - please seek a third opinion.

Skid Resistance

Almost any flooring can become slippery when wet, and ceramic tiles are no exception. Surface dust can also contribute to this. Floor mats help in both circumstances.

Tiles with a skid resistant surface on a floor can reduce this tendency, but the advantages are offset by a rough surface being more difficult to clean.

How Much Should I Pay For My Tiles?

Always ensure that you buy the best quality products available. Tiles last for a long time and the few dollars saved on inferior product will haunt you much longer than the satisfaction of saving a few dollars.

So often we see a person come in to buy square metres of tiles and they end up choosing a tile they really don't like because it is $2 a metre cheaper than the one that they really wanted. For the sake of $20 they have taken second best on a floor that they will see every day of their lives for the next 10 or 20 years.

Sure there are bargains, and we would encourage you to consider them, but if there is only a relatively small difference in the final cost, it is worth paying that little bit more to get what you want.