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How to Fit Accessories in a Bathroom

Now that you've tiled and grouted the area and the silicone joints are all finished, it is almost time to celebrate a job well done. All we need to do now is install our bathroomware and accessories.


• Decide where each bathroom fitting will be fixed.
• Mark the exact centre of each fitting position.


• Apply some tape on the centre mark. This is to stop the drill bit slipping over the glazed tile surface.
• Mark the exact hole positions on the tape.


• Use another strip of tape to create a 'well' under the drill hole spots. This will collect the dust once we start drilling, and will save a lot of cleaning up work.


• Drill the holes to suit the plugs and screws supplied with your bathroom fittings (the packaging should provide details).


• Insert the plugs and screws, and then fit the accessory.

TIP: There are special chrome, brass and stainless steel grates available for the floor waste outlet (even gold plated for the very discerning).

mark locations for fittings
make a well under the drill hole spots
insert plugs and screws
fit the bathroom accessory