How to tile DIY guide

How to tile a bathroom
How to tile a kitchen
How to tile a main floor
How to lay natural stone

Our How to Tile Guide has everything you need to know about DIY tiling any room in (or even outside) your home.

Any DIY tiling job can be simple if you follow our detailed and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Our How to Tile pages have instructional videos demonstrating all the main steps of how to lay tiles. You can also download our fact sheets and print them out for even more convenience.

Our helpful tips and instructions on how to tile are for everyone from the most cautious beginner right through to the most experienced handyman. The links below have extra helpful information on things like wall and floor surfaces, glues and grouts, and how to work out how many tiles you need. The FAQ might be a good starting point for anyone tiling for the first time.

And remember - if you need more information the experts at your local Beaumont Tiles store are only too happy to help.