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Join our team to get your career Looking Good!

We’re always looking for great people to join our team. How about you?

At Beaumont’s, we’ve got dozens of success stories of team members who have grown into positions they really love. Some even surprise themselves at the direction their career has traveled. 

Our people are pretty special and they all share some special attributes that help them thrive at Beaumont’s.

Here’s what you need to be:

  • Honest. There’s no substitute for a trustworthy person.
  • Genuinely nice. We can't train people to be nice so we employ them! 
  • Reliable. Every member of our team is absolutely dependable.
  • Committed to service. We’re here to fulfill the dreams of our customers and we all enjoy doing just that - every time.
  • Passionate. Our people have zest and enthusiasm for whatever they do.

You definitely don’t need to be:

  • Pushy. We help customers select the best and most suitable products. We don’t ‘hard sell’.
  • Young. We don't care about your age - some of our best people joined us in their 40's and 50's.
  • Ambitious. We welcome people keen to move up through the company but we know some people are happy to work in the same job for many years - that’s okay.

At Beaumont’s we’ll give you ongoing training to bring out your best; whether you’re just starting out, or an established leader wanting to master even more.

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