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There could be an opportunity in any one of these areas at Beaumont Tiles. We provide full orientation and ongoing training to help you bring out all your best.

We even have a special program for younger people that will let them learn the business from the ground up. This helps with their development and provides the opportunity to progress through the company. We provide full orientation and ongoing training.

We encourage our staff to pursue external courses if they are keen to develop along a career path… these could be in accounting, marketing, business development, design or any other endeavour.

There are dozens of success stories of team members working their way up through the company to settle in a position that they really love. Sometimes, they surprise themselves at the direction their career has travelled.

You absolutely must be:

Honest. There is no substitute for a truly honest, trustworthy person.
A genuinely nice person. We can't train people to be nice. So, we only employ the best, positive, outgoing, fun loving people.
Reliable. This is just so important to us, every one on our team must be absolutely dependable.
Committed to service. We know it is not terribly trendy but we are here to look after our customers. And we all enjoy doing just that - every time.
Passionate. You must have zest and enthusiasm for whatever you do.

You definitely do not need to be:

Pushy. We are not into the "hard sell." We simply help our customers to select the best and most suitable tiles and bathroomware.
Confrontational. Like we said, we only have genuinely friendly, fun loving people on our team.
Young. We don't care how young or old you are as long as you fit the list above. Young people are great, but some of our best people joined us in their 40's or 50's.
Ambitious. Of course we need and appreciate people that are keen to move up through the company. And we will work with you and train you accordingly. But we also understand that some people are quite happy to work in the same job for many years - we think that is okay.

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